The Sundeala Process

Our Sundeala process is completely environmentally friendly, we believe in eco sustainability and efficiency when it comes to making products that are durable and non-harmful to the environment. Many of our raw materials are sourced locally and we recycle sheets of newspaper and paper waste to create notice boards and other eco-friendly products. The recycled contents in highly compressed down to create a soft and durable surface that is pin retentive and staple friendly. 

Sundeala create around 200,000 sheets of high quality recycled board annualy, aiming to provide schools, offices, communities and businesses with top quality products for presentation and display. 


Colour Options and Bespoke Sizes

The Sundeala Colourboards get their beautiful shades through an eco friendly process using mineral pignmentation to dye the boards. Colourboards are available in 6 different shades; Red, Green, Blue, Wheat, Lilac, and Charcoal.

We manufacture our boards in our factory, this means we are able to provide our customers with bespoke sizes, depths and Sundeala shapes to suit your specific requriements. 

Read more about the Sundeala journey on our About Us page.