Sundeala for Schools


Sundeala notice boards have been the number one choice for schools since 1937. Whether your school building has been there for decades or days, the chances are that you have Sundeala boards on the walls.

Our notice boards are ecologically unique, made entirely from recycled paper; both environmentally friendly and sustainable, coloured with mineral pigments and free from dangerous chemicals such as formaldahydes found in some other types of notice board.

Schools choose Sundeala because they can be confident that it is going to last through the rigors of school life. Our incredibly robust, durable boards come with a 25 year warranty and are the only boards on the market that teachers can confidently staple into, sure that staples won't slide out because the board is not robust enough, completely eliminating the need for sharp pins and tacks in sensitive environments.

Our notice boards are certified fire safe for schools; our FRB range carries a composite class B fire rating, suitable for use in corridors and even high risk classrooms such as science labs and technology rooms with open flame sources.

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