Sundeala Hobbyboard

Sundeala Hobbyboard                                                                           Sundeala Hobbyboard                                        

Sundeala Hobbyboard is the ideal material for the upper surface of your working area to protect furniture and flooring or as a baseboard for modelling layouts.

The construction of a baseboard using the Sundeala Hobbyboard is quite straightforward and numerous boards can be used together to form a larger work/layout area if required.

Benefits of Sundeala Hobbyboard:

Board size is 1200mm x 600mm x 9mm (4ft x 2ft approx.) - easy to handle and transport                                                                                                                                                 

Simple to cut to size and shape and pin to       

Sound insulating

Sanded pre-finished nap surface in a natural light grey – the boards have a soft texture which will not damage contact surfaces

No sharp edges or splintering

Surface can be restored through use of fine sandpaper if required

Environmentally friendly product made from waste newsprint

Hobbyboard is fully recyclable at end of life

Due to the unique nature of Hobbyboard it will accept a variety of textile finishes (subject to using an appropriate adhesive i.e. PVA is a cost effective medium for this purpose).