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Our Sundeala fire resistant boards are certified Class B products. Confirm your building regulations and policies before hand to make sure you're buying the correct boards for your project. It is vital, if a fabric covered flame retardant notice board is required, that both the base board and the fabric covering meet the relevant test requirements. All fabric covered Class B notice boards produced by Sundeala are supplied with the appropriate material over an FRB board.

The fire performance requirement of Building Regulations Approved Document B – Internal Fire Spread (linings) is to inhibit the spread of fire within the building. In this respect the new European Harmonised test standards BS EN 13823: 2002 and BS EN 11925-2 replace British Standard BS 476: Parts 6 & 7.

Fire Certificates for Fabrics

Fire Certificates: Uncovered

Approved Doc. B Volume 2

FRB Core Information

Fire Spread Information