Q: What is it?

A:  Sundeala is a pinnable sheet material made from 100% recycled waste paper.

Q: How many types are available?

A:  Two, Sundeala Eco Board and Sundeala Flame Retardent Eco Board. Both options are also available as Colourboard.

Q: What is the difference?

A:  Sundeala Eco Board is a non flame-retardant board. Standard board is light grey in colour and is available in either 6mm or 9mm, however six shades are available as Colourboard options in red, green, blue, lilac, wheat and charcoal in 9mm thickness.
Sundeala Flame Retardant Eco Board is integrally treated to offer a flame retardant Class B classification which coincides with the new European Harmonised Standards. Sundeala Flame Retardant Board is also available as flame retardant Colourboard in the following: red, green, blue, lilac, wheat and charcoal.

Q: What size is it?

A:  Sheets are manufactured to 1220mm x 2440mm for our distributor market.  These boards can then be cut to any size to suit our customers needs.

Q: Where is it used?

A:  In any environment, i.e. schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, even in your home! And as Sundeala Flame Retardant Eco Board satisfies Class B flame classification it is often used in public circulation areas, fire escape routes, kitchens and laboratories.

Q: Is it easy to work with?

A:  Yes! Boards are easily cut with a fine tooth hand saw or with a mechanical saw – either circular or jig. Both the edges and the surface of the board can be cleaned using a fine to medium sand paper.

It is important to follow the fixing and conditioning information before attempting to use Sundeala boards click here for further information.

Q: What else can you do?

A:  We have a Notice Board Service which includes Cut Size and Bevelled Edged options and also Framed and Covered panels. You may choose from wood or aluminium frames with or without a fabric covering. We also offer bespoke options subject to quantity which includes Dry Wipe and Chalkboards and in the case of Dry Wipe boards you have the choice of Magnetic or non-magnetic panels.

Q: Where can I buy it?

A:  We offer an online buying option for our standard range of pin and notice boards, alternatively most Timber Merchants and Builders Merchants sell Sundeala Board. If in doubt please contact the Sundeala Sales Office on 01453 540900 or by e-mail: sales@sundeala.co.uk or click here